Library Systems Appropriate Use Policy

The WRLC Library Systems are provided by the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) to support the educational missions of the WRLC member universities by facilitating access to member library holdings and worldwide electronic resources.

Users of WRLC Library Systems are expected to use the system and any of its components (hardware, software, networks, and data) in compliance with normal standards of academic and professional ethics and considerate conduct, as well as all applicable federal, local, and international laws. Specifically, users of WRLC Library Systems agree to abide by certain rules and regulations related to appropriate, legal, and ethical use:

  • Agree to limit the use of the WRLC Library Systems to activities related to the educational mission of the university.
  • Agree to comply with license agreements and federal copyright and intellectual property laws with respect to information retrieved from WRLC Library Systems.
  • Agree not to access or use another person's computer account, authorization code, or individual personal data.
  • Agree not to use the WRLC Library Systems as a means of unauthorized access to computing systems outside of WRLC Library Systems, and agree not to use or create invasive software such as viruses.
  • Agree not to use the WRLC Library Systems to conduct activities which constitute harassment.

Students, faculty, and staff of WRLC member universities who are subject to an appropriate use policy (or equivalent) at their home institution shall also be bound by that policy while using WRLC Library Systems.

Failure to abide by this policy may result in denial of access to WRLC Library Systems, or other action by WRLC or by the home institution and/or the institution where the infraction occurs.